weight loss

Today, many people are struggling with obesity. Even with exercise and healthy diets, some struggle to lose weight. To help our patients in this area, we use the wonderful Zerona solution to help you lose fat and inches without surgery, pain or recovery time.

To help our patients lose the weight they struggled to lose for a long time, The Vine Medical Center is now offering ZERONA sessions for low prices. Clinical trials have established that ZERONA emulsifies the fat in the patient 100% of the time, which means that all those who want to lose weight can achieve their goal.

ZERONA is an FDA cleared body contouring device that has proven safe and effective at removing unwanted fat and inches with no surgery, pain, or recovery time. Imagine that!

ZERONAOne of the best things about ZERONA is that there are no after effects; no scars, incisions, bandages or needles. You will also be able to go about your regular routine immediately after the treatment. Sessions are scheduled 48 hours apart and it important to maintain your appointment times. By the end of the second treatment, patients will see reductions in circumference and overall size of the areas treated. Further guidelines and instructions will be given to our patients to achieve the best results.

  • Package 1: 6 Sessions $595
  • Package 2: 9 Sessions $745
  • Package 3: 12 Sessions $949

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