ZERONA, Weight loss and body contouring device


The adipocyte (fat cell) is responsible for storing our excess fatty material and during periods of excess nutritional intake, the fat cell can expand nearly 1,000 fold in volume. This is equivalent to expanding a toy car to its actual size.ZERONA successfully targets enlarged fat cells, cells ultimately responsible for a person’s obese or overweight appearance. ZERONA creates temporary openings within the cell’s outer protective barrier that in turn result in the release of stored fatty material. As a result, the once enlarged fat cells slowly deflate, returning back to a smaller size.
Once the fatty material is released, the fat is safely removed from the treatment area, through the lymphatic system, and eventually used to produce energy.When applying basic mathematical calculations, the total loss in liters for 3.5 inches is 1.8. This is equivalent to 12,600 calories of fatty material or approximately 42 cheeseburgers or 74 cartons of ice cream. Additionally, in order to burn 12,600 calories, a patient would need to complete the following:

  • Swim for 40 straight hours
  • Play tennis for 21 straight hours
  • Jog for 17 straight hours

Overall, ZERONA is able to liberate a substantial amount of fat without enduring the dietary and exercise rigours. As a result, Zerona enables patients to lose inches much faster than using more traditional techniques.
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